Just playground tactics, no "rabbit in a hat" tricks, just that ol' classic rap shit from Jurassic.

I'm preparing for my upcoming physics 422 (electrodynamics) exam. So far the assignments have just been ridiculously hard; ten or so of the brighter students in the honours program (and I) take about two weeks to go through one, using nearly all of our spare time. This compares with the pleasant afternoon grinds through the 330b (complex math) assignments. I was told what was on the midterm last year and it was a little over the top.

The real downside (aside from possibly bombing the exam and having to drop the course) is that I won't be able to make it to Anon Scientology* protest in Vancouver tomorrow. I probably didn't have enough time to pick up the Guy Fawkes mask anyhow. Oh well, time to get to work.

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The Latest Emily: People should be thankful [that they're put in Guantanamo Bay] and not being sent somewhere worse.
Me: Land of the Free.
E: We [Americans] get the job done.
M: Huh....

Chock another Emily up there.

Good Answer

Someone pointed out that most of the Republican presidential hopefuls don't deserve to run for high school hall monitor. I agree, but I have to say that Ron Paul is the exception. While I don't support all of his views, he sticks out like a sore thumb as the most intelligent and honest man on that stage by a country mile.

The original comment that I saw with this sums it up: "The pitcher aims for his head and he knocks the ball out of the park."

More Tired Ramblings

Today was pretty decent. I have a slight grasp on what's going on in particle physics and a reasonable understanding of my E&M, although the homework for the latter looks far, far harder than the homework for the former. This scares me. I need to decide if I'll have enough time to do both and work, or if I should drop one or the other (and if so, which). If I could do both that would be awesome, but I'm not sure if I can really handle grinding through that many monstrous, tedious assignments. Huh. I'm getting pretty burned-out.

If you decide to try Lord of the Rings Online, roll a hobbit. The shire is a much more interesting place to start out than crappy ol' Elfville. Man, I'm finding that game quite boring.

Coworker 1: So, I'm just finishing my psychology degree.
Me: Awesome! What are you doing it in?
C1: A mix of things, but I'm applying to grad school for spiritual psychology.
M: Seriously? Spiritual psychology? You mean neurotheology or something similar?
C1: No, transpersonal psychology.
M: Oh ... uhm....
C1: Anyhow, will you help me pick out a photo for my grad portfolio?
M: Sure.
(Rummaging through her photos.)
M: This one, definitely this one!
C1: Why that one?
M: Because you can clearly make out the collective unconscious in the background. See?
(Queue Benny Hill music.)

Coworker 2: Hey Mike, do you know a lot about quantum physics?
Me: A little, why?
C2: How much is a little?
Me: All of the undergrad stuff, including honours.
C2: Okay, good. So I was wondering: does quantum theory prove that dreams are as real as reality?
Me: I don't think so, what do you mean?
C2: You know, we're made of molecules, right?
Me: Sure....
C2: And our souls control where those are placed, right?
Me: Not to my knowledge, no....
C2: Okay, but like ... you know when you're dreaming and you forget your waking life?
Me: Yeah sure.
C2: Well ... and your soul controls where your molecules are...
Me: I really don't see how this connects to quantum mechanics....

Lacking Sleep

Every morning at 7am I realize again in a most visceral way that I'm most emphatically not a morning person.

Yesterday was spent up at UVic. I had intended to get some work done in both my math and particle physics classes, but I only ended up getting the math done after arguing with the people at the pro-life booth for nearly an hour and a half. It's odd asking someone who is trying to "inform" others on the topic of abortion if they believe that a blastocyst constitutes human life, only to be asked: "what in the heck is a blastocyst?"

[Edited when I caught myself spelling, 'blastocyst' as 'blasticyst'. Go team!]


Only a few more days of solid work before I get into solid school work and experience bij again. And by 'bij' I mean poverty. Trying to get the new site together in time is proving to be kind of a bonky experience.

Last night Jenn, John and I met up after work and enjoyed some Lotus Pond before heading back to our place for some Flight of the Conchords and Tetris. Actually, we stopped by John's place first. His apartment building is so interesting. There are all of these covered, carpeted hallways that look as though they are indoor hallways, but in fact open up directly to the outside in little covered walkways. I've never seen anything like it. The place is quite neat.

Anyhow, I'm off to get ready for work (I get to work with Pema, which I'm looking forward to).

Sweeney Todd

After spending a New Year's dinner with my mom and Jenn, Jenn and I met up with Fairen and Eric to watch Sweeny Todd (the latest from Tim Burton). I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I wasn't familiar with the musical going in--I've been living under a rock for all intents and purposes lately--and it hit me off-guard. It was witty, gorey, subtle (at points) and dark, with beautiful visuals and strong performances from all involved.

I wanted to mention also that Silver City is kind of a depressing place. There's something about the cheapness, the pop songs playing over the techno from the arcade machines and the neon lights that lends the place a really unsettling air.